Alt Coins

If you were to ask 100 Americans, “Can you name any cryptocurrencies?” – 99 of them would answer just one thing : Bitcoin.

After all, Bitcoin is an international phenomenon, attracting tens of millions of investors from everyday folks to ultra wealthy mavericks, fortune 500 CEOs, and even Hollywood celebrities.

Recently, a massive Bitcoin boom made global headlines as it soared to record high after record high and today, analysts from major institutions are saying the future of Bitcoin is unstoppable.

Analysts at Bloomberg are saying Bitcoin will soar all the way to $500,000 per coin over the next few years and ARK CEO Cathy Wood says Bitcoin will soar to $1,000,000. They are not alone in predicting these types of upside.

But what if a hidden boom happening in another corner of the crypto market could become the greatest investment opportunity in history, making Bitcoin gains look tiny by comparison ?

There is a new class of cryptocurrencies, one that’s disrupting the way the entire world conducts business.

  • The World Economic Forum called it “Revolutionary technology that will change the world.”
  • Forbes said this new class of cryptocurrencies “Will transform business forever.”
  • Nobel Prize-winning Harvard Economist Dr. Eric Maskin said it’s “The most exciting development in financial markets in years”.

In 2021, this hidden crypto market was beating the red-hot commodities market by 24 to one !

The all-time high stock market by 42 to one !!

It’s even beating the soaring gold market by 814 to one !!!

This hidden crypto market is even smashing gains made by Bitcoin by as much as 75 to one, 211 to one and even 5,567 to one !

And now, it’s set to go even higher because as you’re about to discover, many of the world’s richest corporations are all gearing up to plow billions of dollars into this new class of cryptocurrencies.

Most investors look at cryptocurrencies, and all they see is Bitcoin, but what we’re advocating here will be a huge eye-opener, because it’s a whole new kind of crypto, one that is changing the world right before your eyes. With these new cryptos, a small starting stake is all you need because they’re so much cheaper than Bitcoin and they’re actually being put to use by dozens of industries around the world.

So what exactly are these cryptocurrencies ?

We call them alt coins. They’re tiny digital currencies created specifically for industries around the world like real estate, technology, energy, biotech, health care or financial services. These little coins let businesses complete financial transactions a thousand times faster than the outdated technology used today, and cheaper. We’re talking about businesses saving massive amounts of money – over $600 billion a year – and that’s why companies are scooping them up like crazy.

As the name implies, alt coins are alternative coins. They are very much like Bitcoin, yet deployed to serve different industrial purposes. America’s leading experts have been tracking and trading these alternative – but lucrative – coins for the last several years, and the results are mind blowing.

What you’re looking at is a chart of the legendary 2017 bull market in crypto, a massive run that saw the entire market skyrocket over 3,000% in a single year.

What crypto do you think was the biggest winner that year? Most people would say Bitcoin. But take a look at what follows.

Most people don’t even know Alt coins like Propy, Squirrel Finance, and Terra even exist.

We’re going to show you exactly what these powerful new cryptos are, how they work, why they are disrupting business as we know it, and most importantly, how investors can pick off gains 75 times, 211 times, even more than 5,000 times greater than Bitcoin systematically and over the years.

Alt coin XRP

In fact, one alt coin in the financial industry, called XRP, went up over 2.600% more than Bitcoin.

Every $1,000 invested in Bitcoin in 2017 would have returned over $14,000. Not bad.

However, that same $1,000 in XRP would have returned over $361,000 !

The same thing happened in 2018.

Alt coin ODEM

Take a look at ODEM, an education alt coin and imagine taking online classes from MIT, Harvard, and Oxford at the same time. That’s what this disruptive Alt coin allows folks to do. In 2018, Bitcoin went down 45%, but not ODEM !

From the time it launched in April 2018 to the end of that year, it soared 233%.

Alt coin Smartlands

Smartlands, a real estate Alt coin that allows investors to buy fractional ownership of valuable properties became so popular that it soared 1,500% in 2018!

So contrary to the common wisdom out there, even Bitcoin is going into negative territory. There’s still a ton of money to be made on these Alt coins.

Alt coin Centrality

Here’s an Alt coin called Centrality that entrepreneurs use to get small businesses off the ground. After it partnered with Amazon, it went through the roof, shooting up 350% for the year. That was three times Bitcoin’s return.

Alt coin Chainlink

Chainlink, a banking Alt coin, did even better by going up 483% in 2019, nearly five times Bitcoin’s gains.

Alt coin Constellation (DAG)

Constellation (DAG) is a small currency that small businesses use to help them scale. In fact, DAG also partnered with Amazon as well as Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit and in 2019, it soared by 900%. Nearly 10 times the return of Bitcoin.

So for every $1,000 made on Bitcoin, DAG would have returned an astounding $10,200 instead.

Alt coin Kusama

But how about 2020 ? Bitcoin’s profits exploded that year by going up to 289%. But even then, so many unknown Alt coins obliterated Bitcoin. Kusama, another small business industry Alt coin. It soared over 5,800% in 2020.

So while every $1,000 invested in Bitcoin would have returned over $2,800 in profits, the same $1,000 invested in Kusama would have returned over $58,000 in profits !

Alt coin AudioCoin

Here’s AudioCoin, a music industry Alt coin that went up 895% during the first six months.

That’s nearly 23 times the return of Bitcoin during the same time frame.

Alt coin Chiliz

Chiliz – a sports and entertainment Alt coin. It soared 1,061%, 36 times the return of Bitcoin.

Alt coin DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain – a big data Alt coin – went up over 2,300% in only six months. That’s 79 times Bitcoin’s return during the same time frame.

Alt coin MediBloc

MediBloc – which is used in the health care industry – went up an incredible 1,356%, 46 times Bitcoin’s return.

Alt coin CargoX

CargoX, used in the logistics industry. It was on nobody’s – I mean, nobody’s – radar. Yet in only six months, it soared over 2,100%, 74x Bitcoin’s return.

Alt coin Curate

Curate is used in the e-commerce industry. Curate hit a massive windfall for the first six months this year up over 6,000% so far. That’s 211 times Bitcoin’s return during the same time period.

So get this : for every $1,000 made with Bitcoin, Curate would have returned $211,000 instead. Some pretty mind-blowing gains.

Alt coin Cocos

Cocos, an Alt coin in the gaming industry, in just five months this year, it soared 161,000%.

So a mere $100 investment int this coin would have returned $556,000 more than Bitcoin. A $1,000 investment, now we’re talking about gains over $5 million !

Alt coin Propy

Propy is used by Coldwell Banker, Century 21, First American Title, and other big real estate firms. It shot up 635% in just six months this year. That’s 19 times what Bitcoin went up during the same time frame.

So a mere $100 investment int this coin would have returned $556,000 more than Bitcoin. A $1,000 investment, now we’re talking about gains over $5 million !

Alt coin Terra

Terra is an Alt coin that helps e-commerce businesses in 10 different countries with a total gross merchandise value of $25 billion. Terra’s market cap jumped from $300 million to $6 billion in just five months. It went on a tear during that same time frame – up 896% this year. That’s 30 times Bitcoin’s gains.

The money difference investors can make is huge, for every $1,000 made in Bitcoin, Terra would have returned over $30,000 instead.

It goes without saying: These are some of the best-performing Alt coins. Obviously, not every Alt coin went this high. Some went up only a little, some stayed flat, and some went down quite a bit, but there’s no denying how powerful the best Alt coins can be.

Alt coins and industry – a new paradigm shift

That’s the best part of all. Up until now, a lot of the fast movement in crypto pricing was pure speculation but now, industries are actually using these Alt coins to do business. So it’s setting up the next few years to be the most lucrative years ever in the history of crypto.

We hear so much about Bitcoin, but nobody realizes there’s a whole class of cryptos beating Bitcoin by so much, year after year.

Most people who buy Bitcoin consider it a store of value – not something to buy things with every day. Alt coins, on the other hand, were created for global industries. And they’re using them to transfer money faster and cheaper every single day… which is why they’ve become so revolutionary for business. So the reason these Alt coins are outperforming Bitcoin is simple. They’re being adopted by industries on a massive scale.

Alt coins are a game changer. They can give banks, credit card companies and big corporations the ability to transfer billions of dollars instantly anc can save companies over $600 billion every year by cutting out the middleman. That means they can skip right over dealing with intermediaries like brokers and distributors. Nearly all of America’s biggest financial institutions are plowing into Alt coins, even Goldman Sachs.

63 industries now have at least one Alt coin. Most have several.

So Alt coins are virtually eliminating costs associated with the middleman and changing the way business is done around the world and everyday investors can capitalize on their success.

Alt coin Adshares

Part of the marketing industry which sports 19 Alt coins. Adshares ADST soared by 599%, that means it had 20 times the return of Bitcoin during the same time frame.

For every $1,000 made on Bitcoin, ADST would have returned over $20,000 instead.

Alt coin EDUCare

EDUcare is part of the Education industry. A lot of schools are starving for money right now, so cutting costs would be big for them. Education has actually nine Alt coins like EDUCare (EKT). It supplies educational equipment and training materials. It surged 317% in just six months this year, 10 times the return of Bitcoin.

That means for every $1,000 made in Bitcoin, EKT would have returned $10,000 more than Bitcoin.

Alt coin MWAT

Part of the energy sector, MWAT allows companies to send and receive energy worldwide – directly. It’s all tokenized through their Alt coin. MWAT has created a huge paradigm shift in energy. That’s why it’s already soared 900%. That’s 31X Bitcoin’s return.

Alt coin Ecoreal

Real estate is booming like crazy right now, and we know anyone who has ever bought a house would love to cut out their middleman. Real estate has 11 Alt coins like Ecoreal. This year, it soared 7X the return of Bitcoin.

Alt coin LockTrip

In fact, Alt coins are in every industry you can think of. LockTrip gives discounts on airfare, hotels, and rental cars and in just six months, LOC soared by 837%, 28X the return of Bitcoin.

For every $1,000 made in Bitcoin, LOC would have returned over $28,000.

Industry based Alt coins

All of these Alt coins are killing it because they have real-world use. This isn’t mere speculation. They let industries make big transactions without the middleman, saving over $600 billion every year.

Now, let’s look beyond the top performers in each industry. One can see the sheer profit potential inside the Alt coin market. These are not the average returns that happen every day, but if you find the best Alt coins to play, the returns can be mind-blowing.

Alt coins savings for businesses by cutting out the middleman by industry :

  • Alt coins can help banks save $20 billion a year,
  • $31 billion a year for the food industry
  • for Real estate, as much as $87 billion every year,
  • for Health care, up to $150 billion a year,
  • And for drug manufacturers, up to $320 billion every single year !

When you see just how much money these industries can save, you can easily grasp why Alt coins are so revolutionary. Most importantly, you don’t have to be on the inside of any of these industries to get rich from these Alt coins. Anyone can get into it.

All of these Alt coins can be bought and sold the exact same way just by three easy steps.

You don’t need any special accreditations, clearances or margins, you don’t even need any experience.

Another interesting thing about Alt coins is how “accessible” they are in terms of perception, especially compared to Bitcoin. We’re talking a few dollars per coin, or even a few cents compared to over tens of thousands of dollars for a single Bitcoin!

Amongst the biggest gainers there is GET. It’s basically the Ticketmaster of Alt coins. It’s only trading for $3. Yet it’s had an incredible year, soaring 785% in just six months.

Another example is DMarket, the eBay of the gaming industry. Millions of gamers use it to trade virtual items online. It traded at 73 cents and soared 259%. That’s eight times Bitcoin’s gains.

Another one is Verasity, a popular eSports Alt coin. Now, eSports is an industry that’s growing like crazy, from $1.5 billion to nearly $7 billion within a few years. And Alt coins are helping it reach a huge audience. Verasity only traded for $0.01. But it has given investors one of the biggest paydays of the year up 2,839%, 100 times the return of Bitcoin for the same year.

There are literally dozens of Alt coins that are moving the needle at any moment. Anyone can buy them for a profit. It’s all about getting the timing right.

Smart Contracts and Alt coins

Smart Contracts make these Alt coins click. It’s what makes them so valuable. In very basic terms, a smart contract is a crypto version of a simple purchase agreement between a buyer and a seller, yet it’s a much more modern version.

So what’s different between a smart contract from a crypto and having a lawyer draw one up on paper?

A written contract is great until you have to enforce it. All kinds of problems can come up. If one party doesn’t live up to the obligations, the contract is worthless but with digital smart contracts, the contract and the enforcement are all built into the crypto token. Without blockchain technology, Alt coins would never exist in so many industries.

Actually, a new upgrade is kicking in for the world’s leading smart contract platform right now, and the improvements in aspeed are amazing. Before, it could only handle 15 transactions per second. Soon, it will cover all the way up to 100,000 transactions per second. It’s instant scale. Suddenly, this smart contract platform is going from a few companies using it to hundreds, even thousands being able to use it.

That’s why a huge influx of money is about to pour into Alt coins from Fortune 500 companies.

The future of business is blockchain. And it all comes back to these Alt coins. That’s why there’s an avalanche of cash pouring into the Alt coin market. And it’s also why we believe it’s destined to be bigger than Bitcoin a few years from now.

Alt coin adoption

Let’s go back to January 2021.

At the time, Bitcoin made up over 70% of the total crypto market, dominant in every way.

So now, Bitcoin’s dominance has fallen below 50% of the total crypto market.

BTC.D Chart by TradingView

Meaning the Alt coin market is growing like crazy and could even surpass the bigger coins like Bitcoin fast.

We compared the Alt coin market to the adoption of the fastest-growing industry of our lifetime: the internet.

As you can see from this chart, the adoption of Alt coins and the adoption of the internet are remarkably similar. They both started close to zero and rose swiftly in record time. Today, Alt coins are where the internet was in 1994 several years before mass adoption, just starting to take off.

And with banks and corporations jumping aboard, Alt coins could grow from about 100 million users to about one billion-plus users in just a few years.

Clearly, there won’t be just one winner in the upcoming Alt coin boom, there could be dozens of “Bitcoin-like” winners.

Now, Bitcoin has shot up 7.3 million percent since 2010.

And obviously, not every coin is going to up 7.3 million percent. Plus, this is still a young, new market. So certain currencies can slide down just as quickly as others shot up.

Every industry like agriculture, marketing, banking, finance, gaming, insurance, could ultimately have its own Bitcoin. A go-to coin that leads each niche. To say it differently, not every Alt coin is worth investing in.

3 rules to remember about Alt coins before you can consider them further :

  • Tied to a big industry with real-world use

  • Experiencing mass adoption
  • Backed by substantial flows of money with sky-high demand

Digital currency revolution

We’re living in the middle of a digital currency revolution. In 2020, China launched their own digital currency to replace the yuan.

Now, dozens of countries are trying to do the same. In fact, the Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell signaled that the U.S. is fast-moving on a digital dollar as we speak. So is Europe. About economic infrastructure like payment systems, supply chains, e-commerce platforms, they’re all going digital.

And don’t forget tokenization. You can now buy fractional shares of real estate, music, art, everything you can think of can be divided into a million pieces and sold to investors. The token economy is about to go hyperdrive. Imagine owning fractional shares of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building or Madison Square Garden. Every time New York real estate appreciates even tiny fractional shares will go through the roof.

Follow the experts

Michael Robinson. He’s a legendary Silicon Valley tech investor who was there in Bitcoin’s earliest days with people like Brian Armstrong – the CEO of Coinbase – when Coinbase was just getting started. Now, it’s worth nearly $50 billion.

Michael saw the writing on the wall and told his followers to get into Bitcoin way back in 2013 for only $90.

Today, it’s up more than 54,000% since Michael’s recommendation.

Next is Helena Margarido. She’s based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Helena’s a well-known finance lawyer who first invested in crypto in 2011 and quickly became a crypto millionaire.

She’s been a fierce leader against government regulation. She regularly consults with top government leaders over this issue.

Look, some of the biggest crypto markets are outside of the U.S. Heck, El Salvador just announced Bitcoin will be their de facto currency. And Helena can help find these massive global opportunities for the network.

David Zeiler – one of the world’s leading crypto analysts.

He’s another guy who made millions in crypto – mining Bitcoin even before I did… back in 2013. Today, David’s crypto Twitter feed is the place to be.

He’s got thousands of followers, including some of the biggest names in crypto.

Nick Black – founder and CEO of Blackchain Capital Management, a hedge fund for digital assets. His hedge fund has created advanced investment pricing models.

HOT sectors for Alt coins

1 : Blockchain connectivity and interoperability

2 : Paypal and credit cards challengers

3 : Buy and Hold coins : supercheap transaction fees

4 : Crypto yields : anything from 8 to 14% vs 0.5% with fiat

5 : Crypto IPOs : Coinbase opened up the floodgates. Now, you’ve got dozens of crypto companies shooting to go public.

6 : NFTs :  NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s a digital token that can never be duplicated. You can buy and sell NFT sports memorabilia, video cards, limited-edition music, books, comics… you name it.

We’re starting to see NFTs for hard assets too.

NFT galleries are sites that let you build your own collection of NFTs – art, collectibles, digital assets of any kind.